Work carried out from 2003 to 2011

       New models coming soon... a new beginning of dedication to art!

      Little by little I am returning to my artistic productions, after several years without offering them for sale, I intend to return to work soon. I'm still  creating content about art, color study, drawing, painting among other subjects to make the site more attractive and also as a source of research for beginners.

     These are some of the works I produced and they were all sold here on the eandj international artgallery website.   Those who have been following us for a long time know that we started in 2006, when ecommerce was still in its   infancy.

Since then, a lot has changed and we follow every step of this world of online sales.

Soon, I intend to have pieces ready to display here on the website, but this also depends on the inspiration and creative phase, sometimes, there is no point in wanting to, you have to wait for the right moment for the paints to do their job on the canvas in a way that May we be proud of the work done.

In the meantime, stay here with a little of what has already been produced, as soon as I can, I will add more pieces.

And let's go, for a new beginning or would it be a fresh start?

As the genius Van Gogh said "I want the light that comes from within, I want the colors representing emotions."

These are some of the mandala models produced by Artestore, for the most part the technique used was acrylic on canvas, with the use of textures and some other effect techniques, such as crackling, as well as in some cases the use of illustration in composition of the piece.

Most of the canvases are made up of duos or trios of paintings, the idea is to have options for placement on different walls, in addition to filling spaces in a more harmonious way than a single piece. Since in the case of a single piece, care must be taken to harmonize it with the rest of the environment. In the case of duets and trios, they alone create a setting, making them freer from having to compulsorily match the rest of the decoration.

The techniques used are acrylic on canvas with texturing on some pieces.

"Art says the unspeakable; expresses the inexpressible, translates the untranslatable." Leonardo da Vinci